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Jessus Zambrano (Táchira, 1989) is remembered for having been selected in 2012 to represent Venezuela in the Mister Mundo.

After her participation in the men’s beauty contest, the model ventured into the fashion world and opened her own store and clothing line, but Zambrano did not settle for that, as she studied Acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater, from New York, and these days, has the aspiration to win the title of Best International Short Film at the USA Films Festival with GreenCard, which will be held online on April 27 in the United States. The short film was written by writer Anna Alaimo and José Rojano and directed by Zambrano.

The news comes just weeks after a raucous image that supposedly belongs to him came to light. Zambrano denied El Universal, the species.
What message do you want to send through GreenCard?
– It’s one of those stories that if you don’t have proof, nobody will believe it. It is an original idea inspired by real events. The short film is a production of my company Salto Angel Pictures (inspired by the iconic Angel Falls located in our beloved Venezuela being the highest waterfall in the world) in association with Braven films, by Frida Torresblanco, executive producer of El laberinto del fauno . We decided to give voice to this magnificent story that I felt should be told because it explores the reality of us migrants, showing that our hearts are full of compassion, forgiving each other.

– As an entrepreneur, I decided to form my own production company
audiovisual content Salto Ángel Pictures, with which we seek to count
stories with heart, humanity and impact as a symbol of greatness.
Where in turn we have created content as Lord Colonel, in the
that I spoke exclusively with the Defense Attaché of Venezuela in
Washington DC, in which he talks about the reasons why he resigned
– Greencard’s total production took five months, between pre, production and post production. It was filmed for an entire intense week, in New York City. We have a wonderful team made up of Frida Torresblanco, Kaina Domínguez (Emmy winner), T. Oliver Reid (Tony Award Winner), Jay Alan Christianson and a team made up of women, blacks, Latinos and the LGBTQ + community as part of our core values as a company, integrating minorities.

Since when did you start having these concerns for the world of the seventh art?
– Studying acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York, helped me train and increase my interest in cinema.
What does it mean to you to be able to participate in The USA Film Festival?
– The USA Film Festival is one of the great platforms that serve to make our work known to all of us who are involved in the artistic union, being recognized as Best International Short Film would be a great boost for my career and for my company.
What are your next plans?
– My future plans will be to continue waiting for our film to qualify for other upcoming festivals and to demonstrate that as Venezuelans we work very hard leaving the name of Venezuela very high. I am also taking advantage of the quarantine to work on the pre-production of a documentary.

The festival information comes two weeks after a nude photo of you came to light. How did you take this to happen precisely at this time?
– Regarding my alleged photo that is filming on the Internet, I will not say anything more, since it is a selfie that, at some point, I myself posted on my networks, then, they make comparisons with another photo in which it is seen just a faceless body. But, that each one draw their own conclusions. In the meantime, they can play with the imagination and, if it stimulates them, take advantage of it!
– The press, in general, knows my career since I started when I was 16 years old, and they are clear that I do not seek to appear in the press through controversies but rather because of my work as a model, actor, entrepreneur, as when I took my line of clothes and I opened my boutique; and at this moment where I promote my short film not by a nude photo, spreading the trailer, photos from the back room through the media and waiting for the right moment for the premiere in Cinépolis-New York and at the Inter-American Development Bank, with based in Washington DC, a platform that supports and values the growth of us Latinos. @yolimer




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