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The Children of Voodoo

Picture by Luis Alcalá del Olmo


A journalist decides to investigate the strange cases involving an orphanage. And it is that through the house of God the Voodoo always finds a way to infiltrate.


The fight of good and evil has nothing to do with Gods and Devils. But with the intention that is in the heart of the people.

Implicit Social Value

Religion, politics or science, nothing is as destructive to any human being as radical fanaticism towards any belief.


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  • The Children of Voodoo


  • 105 Pages


  • Feature Film


  • Suspense/Horror


  • Spanish/Creole


  • Salto Angel Pictures/222 Pictures
  • DGCine-Ministry of Culture of Dominican Republic


After the earthquake that struck Haiti, the weak church Catholic of the neighboring country finds an excellent opportunity to get donations. To do this, she will manipulate a convent of the region to become an orphanage in spite of the refusal of her Mother Superior. Very soon things are complicated when orphans arrive from Haiti. Dreaded children by their own community and they could be the triggers for terrible events. The church will intervene before it make a scandal public or worse even more Fatal “accidents” within the convent. This is one story about Caribbean religious syncretism. Beliefs used for centuries to atone for sins and justify the lowest passions. Everyone will fight for control of him place that was forced to receive these mysterious orphans linked to voodoo.

Picture by Luis Alcalá del Olmo


This is the story of a failed journalist named Ambrose who decided to open a YouTube channel. From there publishes unofficial investigative reports personally. And it is precisely the search for a controversial issue that positions him, which leads him to get involved with a Haitian community in a Convent.

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, many children disappeared under the alleged tutelage of false Catholic foundations. And the lack of these controls came to splash the church too. This will be the reason that will lead Ambrose to this desolate town.

After living with the villagers, Ambrosio you will witness a baptism ritual in the voodoo religion that it will end in a violent way. The fatal outcome will coincide with a major earthquake.

Ambrose as a survivor decides to take his camera to document the tragedy in which you are involved. And this will lead to find a white house where apparently the community comments screams could be heard from inside. A nun named Juana who provides first aid services decides to join help.

Inside this house they find seven children in a space ritual. These children will be rescued by Juana and Ambrosio and taken to a convent called Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. This convent is guarded by some nuns who saw each other by obligation to attend to these children. Children of which many of them they distrust by the origins that they have.

The mother superior, María de la Paz, is the one who leads the jealousy cloister. A woman full of secrets with an unbearable personality. It is she who from the beginning refuses to receive those children with an almost as dark past like hers. But she will be pressured to bend by order of the Bishop of the island of Santo Domingo.

The Bishop is a figure in the church who also has obscure interests. The fate of these children within that convent really depends on their intentions. The Mother Superior does not hesitate to impose herself on children when they first arrive at her. For their part, the children begin to rebel against a behavior strange. And they actually seem to be involved in something dark. And so in a few hours a series of accidents begin to manifest that arouse fear among the inhabitants of the convent.
For his part, Ambrosio ingeniously seeks a way to get involved with this place. And this will lead him to agree with the Bishop.

Little by little the situation is complicated when a nun appears dead. And everything appears to point to one of the children as
responsible. But every time everyone involved seems potentially a new suspect.
With the passing of the hours, and after a series of events without apparent explanation, the blame seems to rest on the
children and their spiritual practices. The situation changes when it is revealed that something exists much darker pulling the strings of everyone’s life that is there.

Ambrosio understands that his research could also get involved with a much deeper topic. And decide to do something not only to guarantee the lives of children but also as many people as you can.But saving a life often means having to sacrifice another. And every practitioner at some point has to decide who lives and who dies in the name of the oldest religion in all the earth: THE VOODOO.

Picture by Luis Alcalá del Olmo
You don't fight with the spirits, you negotiate with them.

Inspired by Venezuela’s iconic Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Salto Angel Pictures soars to new heights in storytelling and brings those stories home with heart, humanity, and impact.


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