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Greencard tells the story of Andres, a Venezuelan migrant who, while at a coffee shop in New York City, loses his wallet and, with it, his US residency document.

The film explores the promise of hope, betterment and safety that immigration represents and that a Greencard symbolizes in the United States. In the film, Andres embarks on a journey to recover his document and, instead, rediscovers humanity and the power of forgiveness in the most unexpected of places.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging is at the core of Greencard’s message and, just as important, in how the film was cast and produced. The film features an award winning cast and crew composed of 100% women, minorities and multinationals with over 100 years of combined storytelling experience in theatre and film.

Winning Awards



  • Jessus Zambrano

Produced by

  • Kaina Dominguez (Producer)
  • Jessus Zambrano (Executive producer)
  • Frida Torresblanco (Executive producer)

Writing credits

  • Anna Maria Alaimo (Writter)
  • Jose Rojano (Screenplay editor)
  • Jessus Zambrano (Original idea)

Music by

  • Eric Laufer

Cinematography by

  • Nicolás Vallejo

Film Editing

  • Jose Rojano
  • Jaime Esteban Sanchez


  • Jessus Zambrano as Andres Mora
  • Jarred Harper as Mark
  • Emiliano Cuesta as Gregory T. Knees
  • T. Oliver Reid as Will
  • Jay Alan Christianson as Coffee Shop Bearded Man
  • Jp Vanburen as Coffee Shop Manager
  • Francesca Ravera as Coffee Shop Cashier
  • Gonzalo Silva as Street Musician
  • Monica Swietlik as Lady 1
  • Britney Elzabeth as Lady 2
  • Jana Vrana as Lawyer (V.O)
  • Richard Davis as Detective Rasper (V.O)
  • Zulay Contreras as Andres Mother (V.O)




Inspired by Venezuela’s iconic Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Salto Angel Pictures soars to new heights in storytelling and brings those stories home with heart, humanity, and impact.


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  • Creative Direction
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